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Who We Are

Night Runners is a faith-based; non-denominational; non-church affiliated 501(c)3 outreach agency founded in 1996. We operate community outreach in high-crime/low-income neighborhoods; inner-cities and rural areas reaching the entire population as well as assisting with disaster relief in devastated areas.

Disaster Relief & Long Term Recovery

We need your help. Your cash gift of any amount will help bring hope to those that have lost everything.

Mission Statement

Night Runners strives to provide compassionate crisis intervention and emergency services for the survival and well being of the general public.

Kentucky Tornadoes Outreach

Unimaginable devastation! Night Runners will be assisting in delivering much needed cooking supplies, new warm clothes, socks and underwear and much more.  We need your financial help.  Thank you in advanced for what you can do.  

Hurricane Ida Initial Deployment Need List


-Shipping Container or Enclosed Trailer (donated or temporary loaned)

-Small Camper for living quarters (donated or temporary loaned)

-Burner Stoves (Propane)

-Generators and heavy gauge extension cords

-Deep Freezers




-Bug Spray


-Gas/Diesel (on going need for cooking, transport, and generators)

-Propane (on going need for cooking)

-Large pots with lids

-Bottled water


-First Aid Kits



-N95 Masks/Latex Gloves

-Hand Sanitizer

-Work gloves/Kitchen gloves

-Steam table pans and lids

-Large coffee pots/filters

-Commercial trash bags/Trash cans


-Food containers (lots and lots)

-Hot boxes (to keep food hot)

-Pre-packaged utensils




-Baby Formula


-Fresh Vegetables

-Canned Vegetables

-Dog and Cat Food

 -Fresh Fruits

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